October 18, 2001

fate leads by 70 points

Office Game is getting out of hand. Our worst enemy is D107, which happens to be about 70 points ahead of the next leading room… Needless to say, we are not the next leading room, nor the one after that, nor the next. But Doug is bound and determined to win Office Game, and if it be by legitimate play or sabotage (more likely) it will happen. Stealing the plant did not hamper D107’s efforts, and locking the front door during Office Game hours just made them angry. They’re like hornets, where anger simply makes them much more efficient at finding their teleological end. The ultimate purpose of a hornet is to sting, and the purpose of D107 is to win this damn game.

We are not at war with another room, we are at war with Fate herself.

So logically we harrass the girls with the megaphone, a tool that seems to be generating a lot of animosity toward our apartment.