January 6, 2002

muscles cry and skillz gel

Three, count ’em, three entries yesterday. I’m gonna keep this one short, even though I’m chock full of ideas… too… weak… to… type.

Ryan and I went up to Lutsen today, cuz Spirit Mountain season pass holders got to ski/board the place for ten bucks. I planned to snowboard until I hurt too much, and then rent skis to finish the job. Ends up I am now such a grand master at snowboarding that I can hold my own on a board, and stayed atop the snow eel for the entire day.

Mostly. My tailbone is really bruised right now, and my muscles want only to crawl under the bed and whimper. But the mad boarding skillz are definitely starting to gel. I’m not so much learning now as refining technique. There’s a long way to go, though. One kid I met on the lift at Spirit yesterday said he can do backflips off jumps, but only when baked off his ass.

Note to self: develop drug habit.