January 9, 2002

dashed brains

Helpful cooking hint: Remove pizza from aluminum foil before microwaving.

Snowboarding was pathetic last night. The temperature was in the upper 30’s and everything was melting like a witch caught in a storm drain. That which was not melting was glare ice. This, coupled with a great wax job that made my board much more receptive to gravity, made conditions that threatened to dash my brains across the mountainside. I folded after an hour.

Eh, things could be much worse. I could not be snowboarding at all. I could be a quadruple amputee rolling uncontrollably down Everest. I could still be in the Twin Cities.

I get to go to skiing in Colorado next week! where supposedly it’s just as warm, and they’re losing snow just as quickly, and it’s going to stay just as warm for the next week to make sure there’s no snow left when we get there.

I hung the sexy backpack up so she can look out my window and watch what’s going on in the world. I want a worldly backpack, and at the closure of every day we will sit around the fireplace and chat about our latest adventures.

It was really windy in the Target parking lot today. Maybe it was windy in other places too, but Target was the only place where I was outside.

Hmm… I’m not having much luck at writing today, so maybe I’ll just scan more photos. Outside is is finally getting up on its [adjective] limbs.