February 20, 2002

today, numbers are fun.


Damn. Today’s date looks like some new kind of binary. Ever since Microsoft patented 1’s (the Supreme Court just recently decided they couldn’t have 0’s because those all belong to Enron, now) programmers have been looking for a way to write code that doesn’t violate copyright law. Hence the 2, which was a logical next step, all things considered. I suppose they could have chosen -1, but programmers would have to prove -1 as a direct satire of Microsoft’s 1, and millions of lines of computer code are a difficult place to write harsh corporate commentary. They definitely could not have used 3 because Dale Earnhart has that copyrighted. Or does he only have it copyrighted when it’s italicized to the left?


Stick your finger in one eye and it looks right. “Hey Dale, I’m usin’ your number. whatcha gonna do about it? Huh? That’s right, nothing!”

Now 4, that’s a cool number. She’d sleep with me if I asked.

Damn. This fired off in a completely unanticipated direction. Writing is just like jazz improvisation without the chords, melody and heroin.