May 1, 2002

busy, busy, busy

Hmm. Well whoever was maliciously loading and reloading my page was busy yesterday, too:

1147 requests for ~pete1931

71,674,546 total bytes sent

Statistics from one week ago:

28 requests for ~pete1931

2,016,465 total bytes sent

Today’s date, one year ago:

4 requests for ~pete1931

251,595 total bytes sent

Someone is playing a silly joke, and I insist it is silly! Oh you crazy folks down at ITSS, tooling my statistics to feed my ego so I stay up late writing instead of doing homework, sleeping in peaches and buying toasters!

As Bokonon would say, “Busy, busy, busy.”

Speaking of Bokonon, I will now recount for you a delightful passage from Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle. In the absence of my own material, I will steal from others:

There were two beverages offered, both un-iced: Pepsi-Cola and native rum. The Pepsi-Cola was served in plastic Pilseners. The rum was served in coconut shells. I was unable to identify the sweet bouquet of the rum, though it somehow reminded me of early adolescence.

Frank was able to name the bouquet for me. “Acetone.”


“Used in model-airplane cement.”

I did not drink the rum.