May 2, 2002

sunk by numbers

Finally. Sunk back into the shadows. Cromlech only drew 50 views yesterday. Statistics nevertheless, cuz I know you love ’em and I love writin’ em:

4 – hours spent compressing video

9,786 – number of pages in a 95MB text document

CRASH – time it takes computer to load said document

3 – number of commands I know for navigating Unix

5 – how excited I am for tomorrow’s Judge Parker

2 – hours spent writing on Cromlech, today

58 – what day I think it is today

59 – how consistently funny McSweeney’ is

12 – An important number left over from the days of working at the Data Recognition Corporation

#CCCC99 – the number for this background color

5 – number of body sections the larva in Bunny’s ears have

7 – I really like the number seven

18 – how much thought and care I’m taking in this post

19 – how much thought and care I take in most posts

97 – how bogus I really think that last statement is

13 – number of minutes spent so far on this post

2328 – this column height

99 – number of keys left on my 101 character keyboard