March 3, 2003

xanga acolytes

My weblog worldview just exploded. Traipsing about in I found blogger webrings, and hoo-boy, there’s some stuff out there. Maybe not good stuff, but quite a lot of stuff. Just select your desired social acolyte.

Extreme Tobogganer?

last night i had a dream about the cottage… it was summer. I was on the boat, and i think I was going to attempt to knee board again. I hate that damn thing. It ruined my pretty bathing suit. Speaking of that I need a new one. The one for the hot tub has been stretched out abd ruined by the jets and chlorine.

Surfer in Hawaii?

i woke up dis mornin in decided for ste home my dad was snappin get ur ass in sku i was like fuk i ste sick n u like me go sku. so he claimin i grounded for 2 weeks but cancel dat. well i gonna rent videos so alojahs

I wonder how much faster I could type if I eliminated every other letter, too.


Okie dokie! I F-I-N-A-L-L-Y got my car back!! Woohoo! I am so incredibly grateful to have it back – you have no idea! It’s funny…its so akward to drive after driving a different car – I have to get used to it all over again…but it’s sort of like getting a brand new car!

It’s still freezing! It’s still raining…I wanna go home and snuggle under blankets and watch tv – who wants to work in this weather? Even my boss isn’t here – he just went to Starbucks for coffee!

Self-Proclaimed Band Geek?


Oregon Salmon Fisher?

Well, the sad news is, today was my last day monitoring the salmon harvest on the Nehalem and NF Nehalem Rivers.

The good is the results. Out of 3420 angler parties sampled: 765 Chinook, 326 Coho, and 136 Steelhead were harvested and recorded by Creel Surveyors. In all, 1227 fish. So at least a third of the boats and shore anglers did not go home empty handed this this year.

I mean, wow. There are people out there who have found uses for the Internet that don’t involve warmongering.