April 25, 2003

philos – proctor high style

“You know you, you give me somethin’
Somethin’ that nobody else can give
And my heart started thumpin’
You know now you’re the one I truly know I dig.”

– Jamiroquai

Somehow I have to figure out how to get the [br/] command to work under blockquotes… I might be able to redefine the wordwrap with a bit of CSS, or perhaps I should side with all those stingy designers who say that [br/] is improper to use for EVERYTHING just because it’s improper to use for everything.

Spent quite a lot of time working on the Philosophy Department website, yesterday. Ended up with a nice gradient for a background, which I in turn gave a mosaic effect. It represents the Greco-Roman columns that were the very foundations of philosophy. This is because whenever Plato got fresh with Socrates, Socrates would check him into a column, Proctor High Style. Plato in turn chucked Aristotle into columns, but after awhile Socrates got keen to the abuse and started asking questions. Plato solved this problem by developing an elaborate scheme with his buddies, where someone would “push” Plato, who would in turn “accidentally” smash Aristotle into a column. Socrates would occasionally witness this and huff on up to Plato threateningly, to which Plato would just say, “He pushed me.”

Can’t argue with that.