May 12, 2003


Time to look at my belly button lint. Please bear with.

This server has been crankin’ away since September, so I’ve developed a pretty good sense for my usual traffic. 15 megs a day, transferred. 2,000 page hits on a good day.

The last four days I’ve been pushing over 150 megs. Pushed 460 megs on one day. Today (or yesterday, depending on your time zone, state of mind, philosophical considerations towards when one day leaks into the next, whether or not you’re drunk and speaking in a bad Irish accent to attract potential mates) I had nearly 6,000 page hits. Kinda cool, kinda wonky, all things reconsidered.


Things that are neat:

Nigerian oil executives who are in such a rush to transfer $60 million into my bank account that they forget to run spellcheck on their emails. Heck, they forget to include grammar in their emails.

The sound of big fat zippers on big fat backpacks.

Polypro long underwear tops (blue). Best when worn as an accessory under a Wooch! shirt.

Sleeping outside for no better reason than to sleep outside.

Tendril Theory (a pending philosophy).

Big white pines.

Kane’s Hard Cola. So cheap you can’t afford not to be drinking alcohol!

The repeating imagery at She’s hooked up to wires and it creeps me out.

Joe Kittinger, who took a supersonic free-fall from 102,800 feet in August of 1960.

Home English Home. Learn yourself some English. Cat. Cat. Dog. Dog.

America Kokki Comics. Happy smiling comic strips about kids that toss grenades at other kids and paint rainbows with their blood. You wish that I were kidding. You know that I am not kidding. Baby is probably the worst, and by worst I mean best.