December 5, 2003

Double Yay

Sometimes the evening calls for a few Manplanet MP3s played in an infinite loop, accompanied with a bottle of Full Sail Wasail that wrests consciousness from your fingertips. Tonight I hooked up our wireless network (our secure wireless network), moved my computer into my bedroom, bought a desk, built a desk, and bought a chair from Goodwill for $2.99 that is an exact replica of the chair I used while living in Stadium Apartments for 3/4 of my college career.

And it’s amazing how easy it is to coerce thoughts from the brain to the screen when you’re not sitting on the floor, hunched over the keyboard and monitor like a vulture picking at a rotten jackalope. My current ergonomics are much more pleasant than those that I’ve been dealing with the last two weeks. I mean, when I lean back in my $2.99 chair and crack my knuckles I see a Wooch! flag, a rubber chicken, a CAUTION: X-RAYS sticker, various items stolen from trainyards and other urban spelunking expeditions, a poster advocating world domination, a confused packing list for summiting Mount Adams, a receipt for two pairs of crampons, Big Wu and Happy Apple posters, Spontaneous Combustion stickers, many many postcards sent from friends and family, and many many pictures of family, Minnesota friends, Bee Dub friends and summer camp.

As much of a pain as it is to travel with as much junk as I do (I mean, a kimono??? Could you be any less practical?), I fear that I would lose memories at an alarming rate without all these reminders. This is a guy thing, but this is also a Dane thing. Whatever you put down in front of me I can concentrate on, but my attention span is such that if it doesn’t change or progress I will rapidly lose interest. The reason my room is often a mess is not because I don’t know how to file things away, but because I fear that if I hide something important from view I will forget about it entirely. Important things like car insurance and tea kettles.

Umm… Shoot. I lost it, there. Wireless internet access is a little bit peculiar, and I think all these crazy gigahertz frequencies are interfering with my brain. Ya know, cross-talk and stuff.






But really, I find this to be quite cool. I mean, these days I find a computer that isn’t connected to the Internet to be about as good as useless. Might as well use it to prop open the door when taking the garbage out, and leave it by the curb. Ever since I was first blessed with broadband access four years ago, my psychology of Internetedness has always involved that cord connecting me to the world writ large.

And now my computer isn’t physically connected to anything. It has a little black tail in back. It dials into the atmosphere and condenses information from the Ether, tapping into the most beautiful thing mankind has ever done for itself.

And what would Marcus Aurelius have to say about that?

Well if you sit (perch is a better word for it) on that chair like you did in Stadium be careful. I don’t want you falling off and spilling quality beer.