September 27, 2004

Too Much Heaven

We’re back online. I’m just gonna jab my fingers at the keyboard for a few minutes, because that sort of thing helps my mind shuffle things back into place. I’ve been wiggin’ out for the last couple weeks and there is much to say and many plans afoot, but I can hardly lay into those right now. It’s midnight, I work tomorrow, and I’ve gotten a total of eight hours of sleep this entire weekend.

Been busy. The Jack Johnson and G. Love concert was lovely but way more mellow than what I was expecting, so I spent a good part of the show making up games for myself… like playing the “shell game” with the stage lights, making shadow puppets with the moon shining on someone’s back, and telling stories about napalm attacks at outdoor music festivals.

We dug trenches for the sprinkler system at our new house. Shane borrowed the trencher from his work, which chews and spits out rocks and legs without discrimination.

I finally got all my crap cleaned out of Lava House, and I’m looking forward to the fact that I will never need to park under that elm tree again. I parked under it for a mere two hours yesterday, and not only did it fill up my car with its sickly yellow leaves, but the birds sitting in it managed to fill up my car with crap.

I switched the email client on my home computer over to Thunderbird, which was great except that the message filters don’t seem to execute properly on the local folder. In trying to get everything to work, I accidentally deleted all of my mail from the last month. I do have backups at work, though, and Thunderbird imports and exports existing mail easier than any Microsoft product I have ever used.

I finally got Apache Server working on my Windows computer, and I have it set up with PHP in a development environment. Now I am able to execute and test all my PHP scripts locally, before uploading them to a live site. I brought down a tarball of Brainside Out and blew it up under my Apache web server, so now I have a fully functioning local copy of my website that I can build and maintain, and push live whenever I am satisfied with my changes.

After a lot of trial and error, I got Slackware Linux installed on my old computer. Once I figure out what I’m going to do with Linux, I’m gonna need to learn how to do it with Linux. Right now the installation is more a proof of concept than anything else, as my l33t l1nux 5k1llz are exhausted by ‘ls’ and ‘cd’.

I know how to view a file in vi, but I can’t figure out how to quit vi without mangling the file beyond recognition. I am sure to spend a lot of time in Linux working as a user with very, very limited access. If you don’t understand my frustration with Linux, think of trying to paint landscapes along with that guy on PBS. While wearing oven mitts.

More later.

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