January 9, 2006

The Hairest Man Competition

The Hairiest Man Competition, aboard the Carnival Glory Cruise Ship, December 2005

I present to you the second coolest movie you will ever see ever. This was shot live on the Carnival Glory, in an undisclosed corner of the Caribbean Sea. What you see here is the final dance-off for the World’s Hairiest Man Competition.

For your own safety, I have made the video available in two resolutions. May I recommend the low-resolution video first, so you can check whether you think you can handle it at a higher resolution?

The Hairiest Man Competition (3.2MB, low resolution)

The Hairiest Man Competition (7.6MB, high resolution)

Ha! It sure is something else, especially when the one really hairy man starts grinding against the other really hairy man.
Mayhem. Utter mayhem.