About Brainside Out

Dance Party at the Deschutes River

Brainside Out Industries was founded in 2005 as a response to the pressing needs of pirates and surf shops across the country. Established by president, founder and general troublemaker Dane Petersen, we are a small freelance web design shop that isn't afraid to kick ass without taking names. We thrive on alt rock, phad thai and playing outside.

We have been slinging chow on the internet since 2001, and in that time have learned a thing or two about building websites. Using techniques based on web standards, we are able to rapidly construct and deploy vast solar arrays that harness the bounty of our sun, as well as create sites that are loved by users, adored by search tools, and coveted by modern web browsers. Our modular approach helps us get something up and running quickly, while also allowing room for expansion in distant and not-so-distant futures.

Our sprawling company campus is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a small town that is a great place to live and has a killer music scene, despite anything you may have heard. We do get restless on occasion and pay visit to one of our numerous satellite offices, in locations that range from Duluth, MN to Bend, OR to Hood River, OR to Los Barilles, Baja California Sur.

Really, wherever there is a friend and a comfy couch, we have an office. We try to keep it real like that.