March 31, 2001

priorities ix

A number of you have complained about my week-long neglect of Cromlech. Here’s how it works, people. This website takes massive amounts of time. Version 0.010 took a surprisingly greater, massive amount of time. This, coupled with Mark’s dare that I couldn’t go a week without working on it, has resulted in this site’s week of stagnation.

Cromlech requires ideas to stay updated. When I run dry of ideas, so does Cromlech. This past week has not been kind to new ideas; in turn, has not been kind to this site. I suppose I have had a good idea or two, but I’ve been forgetting to write them down.

Also, I must dedicate a portion of every day to homework… and Final Fantasy IX… and responding to your incendiary emails about not keeping Cromlech updated. Priorities, as I’m sure you understand.

March 30, 2001

crouching tiger, hiding writer

Finally saw Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Good flick. By no means a grrrrrr-reat flick, but it held my attention in an acceptable manner. I must say that the fight scenes were beautifully done, and has a pleasing fluidity to them.. They lacked the obnoxious ostenacity of the average American fight scene… for some reason, the movie Blade strikes me as a perfect example. Fights that require no talent on the actors’ part, merely that they look big and rugged… and shout mindless taunts… and dammit, I just wrote myself into a corner.

I did something cool today but it was illegal and I’m not gonna tell you about it.

March 29, 2001

influx of lateness

Daylight Savings starts (ends?) on April first. Supposedly on April first. Couldn’t the farmers have picked a better day? I anticipate that we are going to be at the brunt of a nationwide April Fool’s joke:

“Ha ha! Daylight Savings really starts (ends?) on April 8th! You’re all an hour late! April Fools! Oh, and you’re all infected with foot and mouth disease too, got that?”

It is a poorly timed jest at that, given the current state of our economy. If nothing else, it will be this farcical one-hour discrepancy that will ultimately plunge us into a depression. The country will be in absolute shambles with the sudden influx of lateness.

I hope you farmers are happy.

March 23, 2001


I am very proud to present to you Cromlech version 0.010. This is my love child. Tears well up in my eyes thinking about her… her shapely figure, her soft caressing beauty and her tender sense of wit. So beautiful. In fact, my love for her runs so deep that I am willing to share her with you. Please pull up a chair, grab a drink, grab a loved one, grab a rubber chicken, snuggle close to your monitor and spend some time with Cromlech.

March 22, 2001

bacon. burned bacon.

Can you smell that? Ryan burned a pound of bacon. Yes, bacon. The most flammable of all foods, and he leaves it unattended to bask in its incendiary glory. It completely overloaded our smoke detector, and we can’t turn the on circuit breaker until maintenance fixes it. We have no lights in the bathroom, which unsurprisingly makes life very complicated. What’s more, my room lies directly over the stove and my air is thick and pungent with burned bacon. It stings my eyes. Absolutely nauseating.

March 21, 2001

a qvote

“Every day, do something worth tellin’ your friends about.”

March 20, 2001

silence the plague of coats

Alright, the winter jacket is officially going in the closet. I don’t care where the weather goes after today… it’s just too damn nice out right now to even consider wearing that armor again. Snow, rain, hail, frogs… whatever. I’ll take it all in stride with my jacket absent.

March 19, 2001

update warning

I’ll try not to set y’all up for dissapointment but I’m currently administering some niftily large rewirings of Cromlech… of course, at the expense of all my other studies. So, while anticipating the revolutionary release of version 0.010, why not check out every nook and cranny of version 0.009? You may even stumble upon some pages that already stake the inaccurate claim of being 0.010. Why, some terribly outdated pages may even be left over from the dregs of 0.005!

Think of it as a scavenger hunt. If you find something grossly inaccurate and disturbing, please contakt me.

March 3, 2001


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