August 28, 2001

gross mechanics

Oh dear. A quick trek to the outdated, online version of Cromlech (see Aug. 27 discussion ) revealed a gross navigational error. The beautiful menu graphic above, though breathtaking in its obvious mastery of Photoshop, does not actually link to anything, thereby ruining its exclusively pragmatic existence. Unless you have memorized my confusing labyrinth of sub-folders and html files, you will not be able to find your way to any Cromlechian enlightenment until I get my act together and fix stuff. Not that you care. Not that you can even read this message while it is still pertinent (see Aug. 27).

…and if you do care, go here instead. You’ll like it better anyway.

August 27, 2001

a time machine, of sorts

Hmm… a recent format of my computer has knocked me out of the uploading ring. Though there have been meager updates, you are all still staring at the July 15th entry… the Augustian changes arguably exist, but they will not be accessible until September. Think of it as having a cheap tiiiiiiime machine that brings the past to the present! It’s like August is happening today! You are at the State Fair! You are at the Renaissance Festival! You are cursing the heavens and fixing an Ford Tempo! You are being laid off from the DRC and are no longer reading insightful an Kentucky essays!

You are more than ready to get back to school.

August 24, 2001

anvil and prince… or two

I got a new scanner, so I’ve been scanning a bunch of oddities I have collected through the years… photos, outhouses, anvils and a prince or two. I intend to creatively impliment these images into this website, but I am finding out rather quickly that I am no graphic designer. Nay, forced to imagically survive on my wits alone I have resorted to trial-and-error Photoshop filters. Some things work, most do not. If I had an employable room of monkeys at my disposal I would turn the work over to them. Monkey art is damn cool when it turns out.