March 31, 2001

priorities ix

A number of you have complained about my week-long neglect of Cromlech. Here’s how it works, people. This website takes massive amounts of time. Version 0.010 took a surprisingly greater, massive amount of time. This, coupled with Mark’s dare that I couldn’t go a week without working on it, has resulted in this site’s week of stagnation.

Cromlech requires ideas to stay updated. When I run dry of ideas, so does Cromlech. This past week has not been kind to new ideas; in turn, has not been kind to this site. I suppose I have had a good idea or two, but I’ve been forgetting to write them down.

Also, I must dedicate a portion of every day to homework… and Final Fantasy IX… and responding to your incendiary emails about not keeping Cromlech updated. Priorities, as I’m sure you understand.