May 15, 2001

mono. it’s a good thing.

Went to the clinic to see about my sore throat. It feels like someone has been rubbing it with gravel. I am no bird, I have no gizzard and hell if I need gravel in my throat. They did a throat culture. Nope, not strep.

“Ahh, here it is. You have an ear infection, and that is causing your sore throat.”

“Oh, that makes sense.” [that makes absolutely no sense]

Just to be thorough, I requested to have a test done for mono. A friend of mine had had it recently. A little blood, an eight minute wait and…

“Oh my God. You have mono! It’s a good thing we found this out too, because had we given you the medication for your ear it would have interacted with the mono and caused a red rash to develop all over your body!”

“A good thing indeed.”