September 6, 2001

with little ducks

It’s cute how all the freshman think this is still high school. They waltz around the halls all gussied up in their finest finery, trying to establish the trend-dresser social heirarchy. The kids are dimly aware that in a week they will be dragging their exhausted bodies around in pajamas.

…with little ducks on them. Last year it would’ve been social suicide for these students. This year it’s life.

Great. Now that I put up fly paper, all the flies have mysteriously disappeared. The last accessery is in place. This room officially looks like the ghetto. Ha! Got one!

I feel really bad. The hypnotist was here last night and I forgot to go. I’ve been hypnotized the last two years in a row… I’m a kangaroo. Word has it he was even asking for me. I disappointed my ‘fans’, but more importantly I disappointed my hypnotist. I should send him a card or something. Why, oh why didn’t someone tell me it was last night?