October 4, 2001

we’ll pencil in the elements

Everyone has a date book. Currently mine reads as follows:

Today: Geology test and Journalism homework

This week: Finish Wooch! scrapbook

This weekend: Go to Greta and Tyler’s wedding. Miss the Big Wu and Sunny Wicked shows in Duluth.

This month: Upload Cromlech 0.09 [rolling deadline]


Before 2007: Graduate from UMD

Today to infinity: Maintain sanity

Despite my statements suggesting otherwise, some progress is being made on the new Cromlech. I completed the main page and have almost finished the menus and title bars for all sections. Of course, graphics are the fun part. Next I attach templates, reorganize cells and subpages, and try to end up with as few faulty links as possible. Actual content comes later, I fear.

Just remember that even for all my whining, the only reason I do this is cuz I ultimately enjoy it. The end product is usually worth the self-imposed rigors. I am well adjusted. I think.

Other things of note: Do not attempt to grab the oven’s heating element when it is on. I actually did this. Please do not ask why, for it involves (as does everything in this apartment) Ryan burning stuff.

Great Wooch! meeting last night. In ‘voting’ for t-shirt designs we operated a tyrannical government under a democratic facade. Suckers.

Philosophy r0xx0rz, d00d.