November 1, 2001

halloween oil change

Yesterday was an eventful Halloween. We played our first jazz concert of the year, which was very excellent. The band was the tightest it has ever been, time was rock solid and the songs were s00p3r l33t. A little more energy would have been nice, but a minor complaint, that is. We struck the set, met up with my parents and dog, got Rice Krispie bars and then Mark and I changed into costumes for the Lemondrop. Mark pulled off a slick gangster persona, and I threw on a whole bunch of crap from my closet.

Crazy Eddie shirt, 70s pants, Scooby-Doo underwear on the outside (and free-ballin’ in), climbing harness, powdered blue suitcoat, funny-nose-moustache glasses, kimono, and a thick helping of Dax Wave and Groom. Dax is the equivalent of putting an oil change in your hair. It comes out eventually, usually after a greasy month has passed. This is the junk hippies use to make sure their dreads are always tangled and filthy. Nevertheless, it was worth it.

At the party we met up with a gang of ninjas, and a well-lubricated Chris deemed my costume “Miscellaneous Man”. I liked that. The hit of the evening had to be Luke, who dressed up as Britney Spears. He was a solid display of pop mockery, right down to the pigtails, bulging breasts and a disturbingly tight, leather miniskirt. Luke enjoyed touching himself a bit too much.

This morning I bloodied myself on the wall and drifted into Philosophy late. Exhausted afterwards, I went home and took a two hour nap, where I had a boring dream about American Lit. An exact quote: “Wedgy – pertaining to wedges.” It wasn’t all boring, but the juicier bits will not be reiterated here.

I woke up and went to Lit, which wasn’t quite as interesting as the dream, but at least we finally got our essays back. I got an A. Lucky day.

This evening I have been reading. All that remains now is 50 pages of Douglass and 30 pages of Locke (whom I now refer to as Cocke). And Geology. And Geology Lab. And Journalism. Pretty good progress for 11:53 on a Thurday night.

Hmm. Now it’s 12:03 on a Friday morning.