November 7, 2001

the schedule is full, madame

Halloween was a week ago, and I’m still washing Dax out of my hair. As I look at it I probably need a haircut, but I don’t want to go to the “stylist” in this condition. She threatened me when my hair was orange, and there’s no knowing what she’ll do if she finds a quart of Valvoline in there. Probably plunge her scissors in the back of my neck. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Sweeny Todd, the Demon Barber of Mount Royale with Cheese.

A slight change in weather patterns for today. Windy, cold, bitter, cloudy and dark. A perfect day to read 91 pages of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, don’t you think?

I’ve developed a close relationship with Cartoon Network, most notable with the show Johnny Bravo. I really like that cartoon. It has snappy writing and animation that makes me laugh, and I can identify with the hilarious actions of Mr. Bravo.

Red Planet is on TV right now, and I wish I had more time to watch it because it looks really cool. All the technology has that beautiful futuristic gleam that dominated my mind in elementary school. Flexible transparent monitors, cool light up buttons, nifty spacecraft and perfectly shiny helmets. I was always excited for the days when I would draw with laser pens and live in space and such… normal fantasies for a young, strapping lad that read Popular Science and too many books on the solar system. Oh why did I reign myself in? When did I decide that the here-and-now was more worth my notice than fanciful speculation on the future?

With that being said, I need to read philosophy, finish my remaining fifteen pages of Uncle Tom’s, study for my second Geology midterm and write a feature story on a janitor. I will start by sleeping, as usual.

No room for the future in this schedule.