November 13, 2001

a martyr or whiner?

I have found the Crouton Horizon. I never knew it was possible to put too many croutons on a salad. Oh, it’s definitely possible, and it isn’t a tasty treat when you do. Too many croutons make me dizzy.

Today was a good day. I almost missed Philosophy again, as I forgot to reset my alarm and overslept. I checked my Geology exam grade, and I’m tied with another kid for the highest grade in the 200 person lecture. Not bad. American Lit was exciting while waiting for the professor… I realized that the plugs in the tables could be used for more exciting things than laptop computers… things like toasters! Next Thursday we are so gonna make toast in class.

The G.O.D. (Gregarious Opponents to Dogma) club was opposite the Gideons today in the UMD Commons. You could taste the righteousness in the air. I graciously accepted a free religious-book-of-whatever from the Gideons, and went over to the G.O.D. table.

“I wanna be told what to think!” I told the GODer, who was playing the original Final Fantasy on his iPaq.

“Then go over there,” he said, pointing over at the Gideons. Religion is fun. So are video games. I gotta get myself an iPaq.

Wooch! shirts are in, w00t!, Wooch! shirts are in! They are a complete thing of beauty, and if assholes get their money in and my credit card gets paid off, I’ll be a happy man.

My Target bedside lamp has self-destructed. Everything on it that can break or crack has done so. The bottom fell off and I can see its grisly electonic bits. Shards of plastic are mixed in with my sheets and cut me up. The stupid lamp didn’t even last me a semester. Target better pray to G.O.D. that my satisfaction is guaranteed, or they’re gonna face the Wrath of Dane.

I’m so excited for my Johnny Cash cds to arrive. Love, God, Murder. You know the guy has done all three.

I did more than four hours and two mugs-of-tea worth of homework tonight. I don’t know if that’s more or less than the average. I don’t know whether I’m a martyr or a whiner. All I know is that this night was a lot like every other night has been for the past few weeks, this one was just well-documented.

I’d run away and go live atop a mountain with sherpas and goats, if I wasn’t sure that I would find just as much work for myself there. A full day of goat milking. Four hours of sherpa grooming. Freezing into a very dead board on first night.


You notice the lack of focus in this Blither. I hope you love it.