November 20, 2001

defy the ogres

The temperature is below freezing. Incredible.

There is no reason we should have school this week, and I mean that from a pragmatic standpoint, not a spoiled and lazy college student perspective. No one’s heart is in learning or teaching during any portion of Thanksgiving week. Kids are in a stupor and professors are restless, eager to hear numerous admissions from their students that they will be unable to make it to class. The more of these cases a prof can have under her belt, the better she can justify a full cancellation of class. This is the ultimate goal from all sides, with the only exception being the ogres at Admissions… and Admissions is no doubt just putting on airs, citing Educational Objectives and such to discourage widespread academic chaos.Oh yes, they put on their officiating face, but I am sure that every one of them is just as human as ourselves, ready to blow this joint for a moment. The heart of each and every person on campus longs for a full week of freedom.

Another long day. Philosophy, two hours of reading in the library, American Lit, lunch, nap, jazz, jazz dancing, jazz concert, two more hours of reading. These are not the actions of a man gearing up for a long weekend. These are the actions of a desparate man that sees on the horizon two very large essays looming, making threatening gestures and prancing about and ooking and making such an irritating racket.

That’s it for tonight. I’m gonna do some Journalism and sleep. I’ve got a day ahead of me tomorrow… two classes that refused to be cancelled, three hours of Tempo driving, and rumors of a new vehicle awaiting me at the other end. To all of you, I wish the merriest Thanksgiving. Do a lot of eat and sleep.