November 25, 2001

turkey, cars, robots

Thanksgiving break was wonderful. I pulled into my driveway down in Hopkins and was greeted by a green Mercury Tracer. She will be the successor (or usurper, if you will) of the Noble Tempo. After playing with the rear hatch and folding back seats (“I could sleep in here!”) you would think I would take her out for a spin… nay, it was not until after I installed the Tempo’s cd deck in the Tracer that driving it finally crossed my mind. She handles well. Tight brakes, sensitive gas pedal and the dead-fish, loagy steering inherent in all Ford products. I love it. She got 30 miles to the gallon pokin’ around the Cities and driving back up to Duluth.

Greta and Tyler soon showed up to the house… with a puppy. Black lab/everything mix, answers to Shara, multiple rows of razor-sharp teeth.

We went to Tyler’s parents’ place in Fergus Falls for Thanksgiving II. Beautiful house on a lake, with a high-ceilinged, nautical-themed living room. The house was overrun by dogs… Murphy the golden retriever already lives there, and Tyler’s father’s sister and brother-in-law (the English language needs more words for describing extended family) brought Dexter and Duff… two more large poochies. We supplied a socially self-conscious dachshund and Shara. The Zenners own a cat as well, but she wisely chose to spend the weekend in the basement.

I slept Friday night on the hide-a-bed and had a really cool dream. The Transformers were besieging the Death Star, and had tried to gain entry by flying their huge ship into a loading bay. The cunning Stormtroopers closed the blast door just as the ship was reaching it, so Optimus Prime and some fellow Autobots floated out of their ship to blow up the door.

“Get ready with the boom-booms,” said Optimus.

“Boom-booms are in place,” said Bumblebee, or some talking robotic equivalent.

“Detonation in three, two, one…”


[What the hell was that?]


[There it goes again! Oh, wait…]

I woke up, and realized the cat had just come up to visit.