December 9, 2001

du nord world rodeo

Du Nord was awesome. There is no reason people need TV, rodeo and cigarettes to keep themselves entertained. All you need to do is turn 40 people loose in a small space and watch them entertain each other. Wrestling, gaming, talking, jesting, humoring, laughing… people never stopped laughing the entire weekend, and it was the most beautiful sound ever.

Well, the crackling sound of Burntside Lake freezing was amazing as well. Imagine, that sound only occurs two or three days out of the year, and unless you happen upon a lake at just the right time, you’ve never heard it.

I expended all my energies on the Du Nord story for the Statesman. I also had a much longer Blither for today, but it shot off in a direction that I felt was inappropriate. It was the first time I’ve ever deliberately scratched a lengthy Blither entry.

Norman Vaughan spoke today at MPAC. Fascinating 95-year-old man that explored Antarctica with Byrd back in the late 1920’s, got a mountain named after him, and climbed it at age 89.

I’ve got time.