February 2, 2002

disappear for your happy brithday

One year. Cromlech officially went active a year ago today. At the time I was toying with the idea of changing my major to something besides music, and I started Cromlech as an experiment to develop my writing and see if I was actually any good at it. I also felt I led an interesting enough life that people would want to hear about the highlights, occasionally. Blithers were not originally the focus, as shown by other areas of the site; especially Writings. Last semester I finally settled into a layout I was satisfied with and set to write voraciously for four months. The easiest way to write so much was to just do it every day, and not bother with designing new sections, pages and organization.

The Daily Blither forced an entry to be created and finished in one day, without dilly-dallying, so there would be time to write another entry tomorrow. It required discipline in coming up with an idea, figuring out how to voice it, slapping on enough meat to make it interesting, and making sure I did so with consistency and quality, every day.

In light of points made in yesterday’s entry, I need a hiatus. Maybe it will only be a week until I find the urge to write again, maybe a month. More? Cromlech will remain, but I guarantee no updates until the fever settles into my soul and takes me to a wonderful plane where all the women are well read, five-dimentional and shower me constantly with chocolate gold coins. I may pry open the vaults and post some writings from elsewhere and elsewhen, but no more Blithers.

While I do feel a bit guilty for the sudden abandonment, I remind myself that most people don’t keep journals, and most that do don’t edit the journal for the public. Most people don’t have websites, either. There are starving children in India that need my bandwidth.

I’ll come back when I feel inspired. It’s high time to peel away from my computer for a moment.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as I have.