February 6, 2002

omni-blubber smoking format

I have a new writing technique that I call forehead/desk formatting. I use it often when I’m having troubles getting words down on the page, but I think it may actually cause more problems than it solves. Brain damage, four inshtunche.

nnm nhjgmnm b hngb h hnbh hbzs hnb fvhnb

Sorry. Formatting is becoming a habit.

This weekend should be exciting. I’ve gotta get to my cabin to do some laundry, catch a monster truck show, see Sunny Wicked at the Amazing Grace, write a story on a UMD student web forum, prepare a three page court summary and class presentation, and read a hundred pages of a philosophy book I don’t have, yet.

On the plus side, my philosophy prof said we will find reading the book so frustrating that it is expected we throw it across the room at some point.

Later: Reality Check

Saw Shackleton’s Amazing Arctic Adventure at the Omni Theatre earlier tonight. Incredible flick with wonderful cinematography, and one heck of a survival story. I’m reading the book, but I’m also reading ten other books at the same time, so it’s slow going. To keep myself focused (not just on the book, but on life and other important stuff… as I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time complaining the last few days) I printed up the following proverb and put it right next to my door, to review every morning:

Your face is not coated in blubber smoke

You do not dine on penguin meat

You have slept in the past week

You still have all your fingers

Suck it up and roll.

Ok, so no one cool actually said that, but I did. Journalism be damned. At least I’m not fighting the fargin’ bottom of the world.

Even though sledding down a 2,000 foot mountain in two minutes would be really cool.