February 14, 2002

portion of male

I wanted pants. The world need not be exposed to my male lower-portion. I studied the pants hanging in my closet and found a pair that suited my fancy for the day: grey Target janitor pants. Ever so delicately I went to free them from their wire clippy hangar Display of Approval… pulled ever so gently…

And all five pairs of pants came furiously cascading down.

Now they expect me to hang them back up. Nay, I say. I’m gonna teach them a lesson. “Floor for you,” I sez.

Later: Normally I think personality profiles are a bunch of schlock, but Colorgenics.com did a pretty good job for me. The result was overly negative, sure, and I don’t know where all this ‘you’ve been hurt’ crap comes into play, but the first and fourth graphs summed it up quite well.

And yes, I am distressed that I may be prevented from attaining my goals.