February 23, 2002

end of week in a pig’s eye

Feelin’ kind. Feelin’ groovy. It’s been a splendid weekend.

I ate a tasty “Kolester-All Surprise” bacon cheeseburger at the Gold Nugget on Excelsior last night. Washed it down with Pabst. Discussed with parents how close St. Paul got to being named Pig’s Eye instead. A guy I worked with a few times at a coffee shop in ’98 was working at the Nug’s bar, and he immediately recognised me. Are you Dane? Yes, I replied as I faked some recollection. I didn’t remember the guy at all. I felt terrible.

Went to the Cabooze by myself and saw the All-Mighty Senators. Met a fellow from Plymouth who is going to hook me up with last year’s Big Wu Family Reunion Sound Tribe Sector 9 show in exchange for the rollicking Yonder Mountain String Band show from the year prior.

Went to Galyan’s and got a comfy pair of hiking boots to replace the pair I got back at the beginning of high school… also found a pair of Vans on clearance and a shirt with a lawnmower on it.

My parents helped me wash my car. Mom made me scrambled eggs and grilled cheese and chocolate chip cookies.

A trip to Ragstock yielded four awesome shirts at rock bottom prices. I am now Mario the bowling plumber, a nuclear technician, a member of the Rockridge Band and “Jon” of the I.H. Race Team. I got to hug my dog in front of the fireplace.

Unfortunately I did not get to the Hennepin County Library to look up old Tribune indexes.

I learned that trying to write while driving is extremely dangerous.