March 1, 2002

digestible carnage

This was the first Friday in a long time that actually felt like Friday. It was so liberating to bolt out of Media Law and… well… hmm. Ok, maybe liberating isn’t the word, as I’m still sitting here typing as I would on any other day besides Friday. Whatever it was, it felt like something was done. The grim spectres of class will haunt my mind no longer, and further will be chased down the alley with buckets of alcohol. I have few plans for this weekend, beyond reporting on a radio show that only plays good music. I like it that way.

Weasle. Weasle is the word I was looking for. With that I can now go to Taco Bell and digest some carnage.

Watch this space. I have half an inkling to redo the front page of Cromlech, in anticipation of removing the troublesome navigation frame. The damn thing makes internal linkage within the site so ungodly unnavigable that one must rely on dead reckoning to find his ship of whale guts back to shore.

Went to Wal-Mart today and traded in my faulty Twin Peaks DVDs for a set that actually worked. When we tried to watch the last episode a few weeks ago the video started jerking in the last ten minutes. Finally it halted altogether and I threw an Angry Cold Dane Hissy-Fit. Wal-Mart traded me straight up for a new set, and I was more than pleased by my shopping experience.

I’ve decided I want to direct movies or cool TV shows or pr0nos or something. It would allow me to combine my interests of music, writing, imagery, humor, art and storytelling in a wonderfully satisfying way. The reason I want to write is so I can communicate ideas and move people emotionally. While writing is great, just writing gets tiring. I like to paint pictures with words, but many times I want to paint with pictures, music, scented oils, people and scorpions. Trying to distill these ideas down into words is a great intellectual exercise, but often I just want to point at something and say, “See this? The coffee mug that exploded and sliced off the poor pirate’s peg-arm? That’s what I mean.”

No matter your media it all boils down to communication. I like influencing people too much to pine away in a dirty apartment writing novels.