March 4, 2002

frolicking in crackers

Where dost Dane put thine things he dost lost?

Sometimes when you want a $0.25 Fanta you end up with a $1.00 Nestea. Sometimes when you want love you end up with a friend (usually less). Sometimes when you want content you end up with a list.

Screech from Saved by the Bell is in the Ballroom tonight, doing stand-up comedy.

Dave: If we had a stick we could poke him!

Dane: If we had a gun we could poke him, too.

We have a meeting for our Wooch! trip to Utah tonight. People were supposed to do some research on Zion Nat’l Park. Hopefully I can fake it.

Wooch! gets to play in the pool tonight. The reason we got it tonight is because they’re cleaning the pool tomorrow. No harm done.

Gotta mail off my application to work at Camp Ihduhapi this summer.

Gotta pick up and turn in a housing application by the end of the week, or I’m SOL on living next year. If I don’t scrounge up $200 soon, I’ll need to build myself a shanty on Griggs Beach. Actually, so long as the shanty has high-speed internet access that could be kind of fun.

I dropped my ceramic waterfilter cartridge, and to avoid spending $50 for a new one I need to epoxy the crack I put in it. I dropped the cartridge after boiling it on the stove to kill any microbes living inside (forgot to dry the damn thing last time I used it). Ironically, I dropped it because I boiled it on the stove, and now risk getting all sorts of microscopic nasties inside if the epoxy doesn’t work. Also need to pick up a screw-on filter cover to keep more stomach-churning agents at bay.

/initiate/ irony.check.on.nature


/complete/ all.irony.accounted.for

Why the hell does this keep changing color on me? Damn non-HTML web publishing. You lucky bastards are on the receiving end, so hopefully you have no idea what I’m talking about.

I poured candle wax all over my keyboard. It doesn’t come off very easily, and when it does it leaves stains. I cracked most of the affected keys loose.

Later: I think Wooch!’s pool party unearthed something innate about the human psyche. Woochers are a very kind (and unfortunately male-dominated) crowd. We are not mean people… and yet our playtime in the pool quickly degenerated into fighting with Fun Noodles. By the end of the night we had sparring down to a science; block with one noodle, attack with the other. Occasional kickboard acts as shield. I found a devistating attack where you slice straight down with the noodle, and crack it like a whip right before it hits the water. It’s a particulary cool move because the noodle actually snakes over my opponent’s head and whips him in the back.

But the development of the game was interesting to watch. When man is given absolute freedom in a pool, surrounded by toys of every shape and size, he opts for fighting his common man. Now, you can either embrace or reject the quality, but there’s little denying that an aggressive voice sometimes hisses in our ears. We like to fight, to one-up our opponents, even if they’re good friends. I don’t see anything wrong with this, as I had a blast whooping (or getting whooped by) two or three opponents at the same time. Whether your fighting is valiant or piss-poor is of no consequence; it’s the interaction between humans that seems important.

Which makes you wonder if Neitzsche knew what he was talking about with his will to power philosophy. He suggests that instead of pursuing knowledge to satisfy a hardwired inquisitive nature (as Plato believed), humans philosophy is only the result of an endless intellectual game of king of the hill. You’re wrong! No, you’re wrong! And the rest is history.

But fighting my friends would be a pretty lame way to strive for power. I don’t care about the results of our melee; I just care that it is. It’s abusive fun and entertainment. My ego doesn’t feel stripped when my Fun Noodle refuses to draw blood, or even leave welts for that matter. We are hardwired for a bit of aggression, yes, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to a thirst for power. Aggression may be an indispensible trait that defines how we interact with other people in a competitive manner.

Augh, chlorine. My eyes feel like they’ve been rolled in saltines.