April 3, 2002

freeform education

Wiki, wiki. Gotta eat this morning. Last night I wrote a novel as I slept, and it was one screwed up piece of work; and that’s all I remember about it. I’ve heard people say you can’t read while dreaming, and that obviously ain’t true. Not only can I read, I can compose literary masterpieces with the best of them.

What if college were free-form? What if I had one professor, and when I woke up in the morning I wrote to her,

Dr. Flagenstruden-

I’m gonna spend all of today reading Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut. This evening I plan on sitting in Barnes and Noble for two hours listening to music. Tomorrow we can chat. Have yourself a splendid day.

And then set forth to do my proposed work. I wonder if this would work… I wonder if students (including myself) have enough personal drive to fill their own days with meaning, instead of getting crude hypodermic injections of it class.

Oh my goodness! New, new new! To make sure I follow through with my plan to improve my drawing skills as rapidly as possible, I’m starting a new section on Cromlech called Art Attack. It will showcase the day’s piss-poor sketches, and give you guys something to look at on the ‘net besides pr0n. As always with Cromlech, I promise no quality, and you have no obligation to check these out.

Note: Drawings that actually look good are likely study sketches from my Sam and Max comic book. Drawn, not traced, from actual pen and ink by comic genius Steve Purcell.

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