April 5, 2002

80 gigs of clutter

80 gig hard drive installed. Started ghosting the 10 gigger over at midnight, and right about the time Doug came home from a party I woke up to finish the job. 7200 RPM is wicked fast: Sunny Wicked fast. This baby cooks right along now, frying like bacon and eggs on a steamy griddle. Purrs like a kitten in the morning, in striking contrast to my old IBM drive that clunked and moaned like an angry old man with a walker. A cavernous piece of work, I now have over 60 gigs at my disposal. This amount of storage is sickening… what on earth could I possibly do with 60 gigs? More computer storage in this little beast than the entire world had in 1960.

Firewire PCI card installed. Getting a DV camera tomorrow so I can try my hand at homemade video editing. After that I wait patiently until Apple makes a PC version of the iPod.

This room is beyond any help that cleaning could provide. The only solution now would be arson.

Ugg. Me go bed now.

11:32 PM

A splendid day. So many good things to write about, so to avoid trivializing I will write about none of them. Finally saw Ocean’s 11, and it was the best movie I’ve seen in a long time. Smooth criminal stuff that drips with cool and a twist of lime. A guy that even spoke cockney. It thumbed all the right places in my brain.

A new Art Attack. One bad-ass looking pirate. Sketching from someone else’s drawings really gets you intimately acquainted with their style. Steve Purcell has a funny way of using very few lines and still giving his characters a definite mass and thickness. For me it makes it a great lesson, as my drawing has lately gotten too cluttered with thick, overdone lines. I’m afraid to commit to one quick, broad stroke as a boundary (usually I screw up the angle), so I will make a number of shorter sketch marks to make an outline. It’s an effective shortcut in the absence of skill, but I feel it is time to move on. Longer lines, fewer lines, glorious curves that are drawn once and never again. A beginning and end in one passionate gesture.

It feels as though someone is missing this evening. I have a pretty good idea who it is.