April 12, 2002

geeky monkey

So exhausted. Computer coming back together. Homework not done. Stunning video shot down on Park Point today. Calving glaciers and ice cliffs. Bergs being tossed around in the surf.

New Art Attack.

2:23 PM

This has felt like the longest week of my life. Aside from the details I’ve posted in Cromlech and a few stray thoughts that tug gently at the corners of my brain, my hours have been so convoluted with activity that I hardly remember specifics of what I’ve done.

But the day is too beautiful to spend notching on the Bedposts of Productiveness. I’m exhausted, and it’s the good exhaustion that comes after you’ve actualized your spirit in a glorious infinity of projects.

Gotta set up my Geek Prom outfit. The King Geek gets to appear on the Tonight Show. The week feeds directly into the weekend. There is no end. There is meaningful work, and it is good. The homework monkey has been tossed to the dirt.

Gorgeous, gorgeous day. The weather completely changes the social dynamic of Duluth. People are chilling in front yards on sofas, tossing back brews, watching firefighters help a house burn down…