April 14, 2002

the geek goes ‘meh’.

Waiting for one of my three Geek Prom dates to return from a Russia meeting I got antsy, and dashed off to prom alone. Walking to the NorShore I ran into some people hanging around outside that were well-dressed… did the cool people crash prom? Nay, it was just a wedding, and I got my picture taken with the mother-of-the-bride, or someone of equal repute in that social circle.

I was wearing my awful blue and blue and yellow polyester suit, an orange polyester shirt, a Crazy Eddie t-shirt, Scooby Doo boxers on the outside, a climbing harness, bowling shoes, yellow-tinted goggles with a big mustache nose, and my newspaper pope hat. She was wearing a shiny white dress.

Inside the NorShore was stuffed full of hundreds of geeks. Words fail. There were nosebleeds, afro wigs, suspenders, hiked pants, taped glasses and a Klingon. Two of my three dates showed up shortly, garbed in wonderful geekiness.

The competition was fierce, but I managed to be runner-up for Geek King (which means I got to be on stage and dance with the Queen and everything!!!!!!). I’m happy with that. The true Geek King ends up with all sorts of responsibilities like parades and grocery store grand openings, and this way I get to bask in the reflective fame and not do squat.

I’m still waiting for the call from Leno. It will come.

Vinny and the Stardusters were weird. The bass player was wearing a flasher trenchcoat, and given their photo over at GeekProm.com I wouldn’t be surprised if he had nothing on underneath. The drummer stripped while playing a drum solo and fell over, taking the snare with him. The other band members played the drums for him until he recovered. They played the song Shove it up Your Fat Ass You Stupid Fucking Bitch at least three times, and sang about delightful topics like genital warts and accidentally killing someone by burying them in the backyard. I liked it, and so did the other flailing geeks.

Then a small group of geeks did the first-annual Geek Streak through the crowded upstairs bar and down into the main theater. Channel 6 managed to get some footage at tail-end. Felony charges will be distributed by mail.

8:37 PM

Instead of homework I’ve spent a generous part of today scanning the blogging world. I like having some sort of idea what’s going on in the world, so when people spout idiocy about foreign policy I can make a reasonable attempt to set them straight.

It’s also fun to watch the bumbling juggernaut of Academia try to churn out its own laughable analyses of world issues. I see Vietnam and ‘quagmire’ used as legitimate rationale to alter America’s actions, and I just smile. Anyone using those words has been shredded by warbloggers and left to rot in the sun. But the School does not follow blogs, no, so they do not know. They don’t know that the issues have already been effectively processed online, so the School starts from the ground and stays wallowing in the mud with its own faulty convictions. They are not aware of the foul bile that now rises up in my throat at the utterance of the “endless cycle of violence.”

Why, oh why can we all not just get along? It’s beyond that, now. We could have ousted Saddam ten years ago when he didn’t have nuclear weapons, we could oust Saddam now when he may have nuclear weapons, or we can oust him in ten years when he will surely have nuclear weapons.

In journalism class we read the newspaper, but the newspaper isn’t where things are happening anymore. The turnaround for news and the following analysis is so slow it’s almost nonexistent.

Kind of like Cromlech, in that respect.