April 15, 2002

pr0n0l1z3 i5 l33t

Check out pronolize.com. Then check out my site pr0n0l1z3d. News sites like CNN.com are really fun, too.

Please make note of this entry, as it is the first time I’ve separated multiple entries on the same day. The original goal was to make Cromlech a daily, then a less-than-daily (remember my haitus that never happened???) but now things have gotten so bad I require attention from the Internet throughout the day.

Oh, I was checking my web stats for the last few days, and they’ve been pushing 30+ views. Aware that only about 20 of those are myself, I was inspired by the 10+ people that have been dredging my site regularly and updated some things nice. So without further ado…

New entries in Fame.

Bio has been (mostly) released from its gray basement.

Slapdash Jest is looking nicer, but that’s old news.