April 17, 2002

devoid of logic

Everything you need to know about evolution but were afraid to ask.

According to verificationism, not only is there no proof for evolution, but the concept itself is a meaningless utterance. Evolution tries to explain a history that is no longer available to us, with nary a smidgen of evidence. We can’t even begin to reason whether the claim is true or not; it’s just a game of words, a dull roar devoid of logic.

Looking at this, I think Wittgenstein got it wrong. There is plenty of proof of evolution, you just need to know where to look. Darwin may not have had sufficient evidence in his time, but does that mean we should have cast his theory to the flames?

This demonstrates the necessity of a firm grounding in reason before deciding truth and falsity. There are so many schools of science, but all it takes is one flawed school of metaphysics to shake the whole thing to the ground. I can give you the number for a great philosophy that honors violence and hate as a duty to God.

Oh, but they’re so damn funny when they do it!