April 23, 2002


Do this! Do, do, do, do!

Which Monty Python Character are YOU????>?>>?!?!?!

I’m not telling who I am! You will get to guess! Guess which one I am? GUESS GUESS GUESS. GEHS, GEISS, STRESS, MESS, FESS, UNDRESS, QUANTUM FRIVOLITIES!!

Oh the fun to be had in Bio, now! I’ve started writing lists!! Maybe one day there will be a section of the Website called lists!!! WOW I went to the store!!!!! I bought MILK!!!!!! I AM GIVEN MYSELF AN ANURISM WITH UPSIDE-DOWN ‘eye’ SHAPED THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the future of Cromlech manufacturing, my friends, as the quirky tastes of a listless fool are released back into the wild to breed and toast marshmallows over burning tires.