April 25, 2002

spicy paragraph

Why school bores me, in one spicy paragraph:

This writer feels much of academia and the media throughout the Anglosphere has come to resemble, in a way, the Church in Europe immediately before the Reformation. They have grown intellectually lazy, out of touch with the people they believe they exist to enlighten, and irrelevant to the needs they exist to serve. They have come to see their position, incomes and the respect of the public as entitlements due to them for their virtue, rather than earned by achievement.

Because religion is inherently boring, of course! The words are originally those of James C. Bennett way back in December. I gleaned them from a nice piece at Tres Producers on the weblog revolution. I don’t fully agree with Bennett, however. I’ve never seen a professor jump up and down on the table waving a bone over her head, demanding we shovel money down her pants to reward her Virtues. I would say they’ve lost sight of a purpose, but I think its more unconscious than how he characterizes it.

Then again, tuition does keep skyrocketing and I don’t see any change in the quality of my education as a result. Nay, the purpose has always been there. Administration has finally figured how to jerk off without getting any on itself.

But anyway. Blogs. The more I read these things, the more I realize I need to get Cromlech auto-archiving, updating though PHP, and linking to individual entries. Not that I really say anything worthwhile that people would consider linking, as these are just the meaningless ravings of a kid that sits in front of his computer reading blogs while pretending to do homework, instead of getting outside with friends and doing healthy social things. No fault of the friends, mind you. At every turn they offer to peel me away from my consuming Duty towards school and I bitterly refuse.

Gotta write a feature story. ta-ta.