April 30, 2002

how many ya got in there?


I went to bed at 11:30… no…

It was one of those half-awake things… no…

Feeling restless this early morn’, I checked my online stats… no…

Oh fuck it, here I go with some HTTP shit:

596 /~pete1931/

583 /~pete1931/bio.jpg

583 /~pete1931/blithers.jpg

590 /~pete1931/blithers/junk/superold.gif

601 /~pete1931/caution.jpg

593 /~pete1931/maintext.css

797 /~pete1931/outside.jpg

592 /~pete1931/roll00.jpg

31 /~pete1931/roll01.jpg

32 /~pete1931/roll02.jpg

32 /~pete1931/roll03.jpg

31 /~pete1931/roll05.jpg

34 /~pete1931/roll06.jpg

583 /~pete1931/slapdash.jpg

583 /~pete1931/title.jpg

583 /~pete1931/writings.jpg

total requests: 6887

total bytes sent: 22,431,516

Well. Ahem. If this is right, welcome all 596 of you. Or, if the roll**.jpg statistics are a bit more accurate, welcome all 31 of you. Welcome to where the internet learned to suck.

Note: This is not the Registrar. If you were trying to register for classes through Cromlech and were unsuccessful, please send me your username and password immediately so I can sign you up for Eco-Feminist Basketweaving and Music Theory IX: The Bloodletting. Do not tell anyone in Administration about this little operation, as they are merely puppets working for me and may get the wrong idea. Don’t wanna your hand slammed in a car door by a cowboy hat lackey, now, do ya?

Oh wait, it appears the counts are just off. Title.jpg is a 16K file, and it says 411K of data was transferred for that file yesterday. A bit of advanced math says that the image could only have been loaded about 25 times.

Now I will go back to bed, do one of those Fight Club changeovers to my alter-ego and sit here refreshing my website 500 times.