May 8, 2002

midwest terrorist

If you want to read the manifesto written by our own little Midwest terrorist, the full text is here at

You really should read it. You really shouldn’t read it. That’s the troubling thing. Helder wrote six pages of raving crap, sent it to the Badger Herald at Madison and set out to place pipebombs across the country. If it weren’t for his bombs no one would care one iota what the l’il bastard had to say. Should we care now? Depends.

He sounds like a standard disenchanted anti-consumerism college student. His views are nothing new, and mostly free-associated philosophical babble that any kid in his 20’s has entertained at some point:

Greed of some lead to Misunderstanding of most.

Misunderstanding life creates a fear of death.

Fear of death forces you to work/conform.

Work/conformity allows government to benefit/capitalize from people (fulfills government desires, not peoples).

As long as greed persists, people will desire to capitalize, in turn forcing people slave away.

Understand life to eliminate greed.

Accurate spiritual understanding eliminates greed.

***The sooner we all understand, the sooner the fear of death and greed is erased.***

Yawn. No doubt if you rooted in the archives of Cromlech you could find some crap that is strikingly similar, though perhaps more articulate and less bitter. I have a copy of an anarchist essay by Bob Black that calls for the Abolishment of Work. I read a book last year called The Hacker Ethic that discussed issues similar to wage slavery and the benefits of creative play over work. Do I embrace these publications as doctrines for existence? Nope, but soon I may be able to coherently justify their attractive principles. Do I believe them? Sometimes.

Helder continues:

Alcohol is a motor skill impairment; marijuana is a mental stimulation, yet the impairing agent is legal?! Is this yet another governmental agenda utilized as a tool for order? Alcohol directly kills thousands per year; marijuana directs kills zero people per year. Wake up people!

Actually, I’ve considered this as well, and I’m very disappointed by how sensical (though not exactly rational) this kid is. I was hoping to read an essay by a lunatic raving about archangels riding giant beetles out of fissures in the ocean floor, and how his skin wouldn’t stop turning inside out and catching on the voices!!! WAA! THIS VOICES!! THEY QUIT SCRATCHING AT MY GLASS FACE!!

Psycho? Hmm. It looks like Helder just took an entry level philosophy course and ran with it. His ideas are thick enough to satisfy a weak collegiate mind that is grappling for meaning, but lack the depth and insight necessary to ever transcend the human consciousness as he wishes. One way for Helder to get his message out would have been to train his mind, hone his writing skills and eventually publish a book.

But no. He wanted to be bigger than he is.

Hence the pipe bombs.