May 14, 2002

A bit more like this…

Hmm. I may have burned down the town to save the forest, but pretty soon this tiny hamlet will be outfitted with glass freeways and fat porcelain cherubs. The last 12 hours have played host to a dizzying complexity of advancement, thrust forth by fits and starts of technological genius, dumb luck and blinding tenacity.

I welcome you to version one-half of Cromlech. When I get this crazy thing figured out it will archive my daily entries automatically, let me post from any internet-ready coconut on the planet, and allow you people to fling curses right back at me (see comments).

Onward, brave pirates! Be relentless in your plunderance of the world in search of knowledge! Board every ship armed with scimitars and doubleshot and rob them of their quantum theories! Slit the throats of all moronists that stand in your way! Drink gutrot from your cupped hands and teeter precariously from the mizzen mast!

Hi, George!! Thanks for the ‘apology’ about the ‘cute little number’ bit. As a result, I now sent your web-site to all the first-years (don’t get too excited – there are only five of us) and told them to check it out when they needed a break (and when they wanted to see a possible framework for our ‘Intellectual Gunslinger!).
One paper down (nearly 40 pages), two smaller ones to go.
Shara says (according to Tyler), “Sometimes, my butt makes poop.” who knew?

Whoo hoo! Five new claw backs to entertain and frustrate! Welcome, welcome all!
Unfortunately this ‘possible framework’ that George speaks of has recently been cast into the flames of impassioned web-design. Soon enough however, I may have the Blither Archives and other delightful intellectual treats back again.
…though finals beckon with their crooked fingers of menace. I have been dodging their cold touch of death all day, but soon I need to succomb and pour my insides into a zip-lock textbook.