June 9, 2002

Ubiquitous Mike

At camp. Camp rocks.

My friend Tara pressured me into trying to eat shrimp, which was a horrible experience. The little buggers look like curled and shriveled children’s toes that were soaked in the lake all day. It felt like I was chewing on mucus in a Zip Loc bag, and they tasted mostly of dry heaves and bile. Everyone else said they were delicious jambalaya shrimp. I remain unconvinced.

Everyone visit redscreen.net, because Anne says so. Do what Anne says or she will beat you with her freshly aquired communications major.

Kyle and I have been trying to figure out the particle theory of this guy named Mike. Kyle has worked at Ihduhapi many years and has never seen Mike before, even though Mike says he does everything at camp. I suggest that every atom at camp has Mike quarks bonded to their protons and neutrons, making Mike omnipresent. Kyle believes Mike may be some kind of deity. I am not willing to make such a unverifiable concession. We will see who wins the fight in the sandbox.

Thanks for the link. You’re right about Anne, she wields that communications degree suprisingly well.
As for this “Mike” you speak of, instead of his quarks being bonded to every camp atom, string theory would suggest that -mike- is a string variant (or “state) present only in camp quarks. This explanation doesn’t really bend any quantum physics laws, and would also account for Mike rarely being seen. Just a thought. Thanks again.
string theory reference:
some string theory reading:

Finally! Someone with a smidgen of expertise sounds off on quantum mechanics. Having just finished Universe in a Nutshell by Stephen Hawking I am fascinated by string theory, and will definitely consider it as the Mike Theory unfolds this summer.
Rock climbking in Ames, you say? You poor, poor dear. You best move to Duluth, where we don’t even need to leave city limits to find bitchin’ rock climbing.
However, if bridges are your thing (and props if they are, truly) there’s the “Beat This” bridge in Duluth that needs to be 0wnxx0red by the world’s next l33t cl1mb3r. I would be honored if the title went to a fellow in an orange “Midgets” shirt.