August 5, 2002

Nerds + Weezer + Star Wars = Hopeless Crap

Another slow day, driving to Valleyfair with Ihduhapi staff (and Thomas)…

Sung to the chorus of Weezer’s Undone (the sweater song):

If you want to destroy the Orono Alliance,

Just build a Death Star, and blow them away (blow them away!)

Keep on firing, they’ll soon be wasted (lyin’ on the floor!)

Lyin’ on the floor! Their skin is melting!

Sung to the chorus of Weezer’s Say it Ain’t So:

Say it ain’t so,

My love is not my sister

Sung to the chorus of Weezer’s Surf Wax America

You take the plasma gun,

I’ll use the force,

And when you’re gone from Hoth,

I’m still a dork

Please note: Dane has been working a two-week session at Camp Ihduhapi, during which he led a horde of wonderful 15-year-olds on a six day river trip down the Namekagon and St. Croix rivers.
He will return shortly after a stiff drink and a nap.

Mae Weezer yn Rocio yn fy marn i, maen’t o hyd yn cael ei hadnabod fel un o’r bandiau arall yna e.e Blink 182 ag ati. Gwrandewch iddynt, os oes gennych glist da byddwch yn sylwi eich gwall.
Hefyd newydd gweld X-Men 2 – werth gweld er ei fod yn ffilm ‘action’.