September 10, 2002

Transitional Metaphysics

Ahem. Everything looks and feels the same, only it’s now repackaged under a different name. When soft drink companies try to sucker you into thinking 7-Up doesn’t taste like bland-bubble-sugar-water and would be a tasty change of pace, they at least change the packaging and advertising campaign.

I have no advertising campaign, aside from sticking my finger in someone’s eye and telling them I have a website. At one time having a website was rare and cool, and you could discuss with all your friends how much Phantom Menace is going to rock and how much your Rio 8mb MP3 player doesn’t suck. Now every idiot with a vaporous grasp of HTML and a handful of functioning neurons can throw one together in a weekend. I know. I did it two years ago. I did it again this morning.

As for packaging, this lack-luster being is merely a skin graft from the UMD server. The operation was more complicated than I had anticipated and chewed up 2 1/2 hours of my morning. Many healthy cuts of that time were taken up by stupid things like losing directories and forgetting a ” in a line of code. One time I had to delete a folder, but I unwittingly started the procedure by forbidding myself from modifying the folder in any way.

I had a bagel for breakfast, but I can’t remember if I finished eating it or set it down somewhere and lost it. I get the feeling that my ancestors didn’t climb down out of the trees so much as they forgot to hang on.