September 17, 2002

laundry list

I really don’t like to write about writing my webpage, as it ends up being as exciting as telling my friends how I fold my laundry. I cannot even imagine visiting such an evil upon my fellow man. “Well, I take my socks and turn them inside out, and fold my boxers in half lengthwise before rolling them in a little ball, and then I feel the cold barrel of a gun on my temple and-”

No. It isn’t worth it. They’d be mopping giblets off the walls for weeks.

Even narcissism doesn’t justify an open forum on my hack abilities at web design. And yet I find the topic strangely alluring, like the sparkly models in Seventeen magazine showing off their ultra-low-ride pants that really only amount to a pair of denim garters. Filthy, foul, just plain wrong… and just what I’ve always, always wanted.

So with that, I introduce you to The last week I have spent three hours a day FTPing files, writing entries and installing server-side scripts. I got all my entries exported from Graymatter and imported into Movable Type, my new and beautiful blogging love child.

And now I’m tired. The main weblog page looks nice, but it is merely the default Movable Type template and lacks moxie. The extra nonsense that existed on Cromlech still exist on danesbored, but in changing blogging tools I broke my links to them. Additionally, the ‘nonsense’ needs to be updated so it uses my new stylesheets and is consistent with the rest of the site (which still needs to be made consistent… er… still needs to be made existent, really). I have a desire to generate a photo album that runs parallel to the main blog, but to do so I need to know how to make the Movable Type templates sing and dance at my beckoning. The main template references a horde of sub-templates, which results in a mess of cross-referenced code that looks to me more like Elvish than HTML.

No worries. I can figure it out. I always have. I always will.

Just not yet.

For now, enjoy the pictures.