September 22, 2002

theme song to the mayhem

Every website should have a theme song. The guys at Chopping Block have a particularly good theme song, done by They Might Be Giants. You can even download the song in mp3 format.

But Dane, you ask. Where is your theme song?

I’ve got your theme song right here.

The flash video is pending.

Ahhh… the classics never die. What were some of the other songs that came from that particular day? I know that Pencils and Wolverines predates it, but that file is currently MIA. (D’oh!)

Oh man, we need to scrounge up Pencils and Wolverines somehow. And a script from that chat session…

Random Musician: I don’t really like that pencils track…
Random Musician: And I muted wolverines.
iNSANiTY: Doo buh dee doo dah…blarugblargulgluar BOOM BOOM!!!!