September 26, 2002

digi-wooch! lunacy

I’m in the process of generating the Wooch! photo gallery. Right now I’m doing it in weblog form, which may not be the best idea but I really like the way Movable Type automatically generates thumbnails. If I could get it to do so for hundreds of photos automatically then I would be going somewhere, but for now it’s gonna be a hack effort until I can establish a system. I really don’t want to go back to Dreamweaver for some reason, but that may well end up being the case after everything collapses in on itself.

Enjoy the ensuing carnage.

got photoshop? look in the batch submenu within the file menu. there’s a choice there to automatically make a webpage with thumbnails and photos. it ain’t pretty but it’s easy and works for hundreds o’ photos at a time. you can then just provide a link.
automatically generated code…ah!