October 13, 2002

nader dost speaketh

Nader’s jaw is still moving up and down and only the Italians are listening. Iraq is nothing but a smokescreen, set up by Bush to distract the public from his connexions to corporate scandal.

Nader said Bush’s “distraction strategy” would fail.

“It’s not going to help him much, though, because people know that in this (U.S.) country what matters are local issues and issues that affect the economy. All this war talk is destabilizing and depressing the markets and pushing up unemployment,” El Mundo [a Spanish Daily Newspaper] quoted Nader as saying.

Oh no! The truth is out! Watch Bush backpedal, now, as Nader lays torch to his entire ruse!

Meanwhile, polls before November U.S. congressional elections showed voters were more concerned about the economy than Iraq.

I like how, in its context, this stat is played as an ‘either, or’ statement of the American public. I’m concerned about the economy. I’m concerned about Iraq. I believe both are important. I believe that if I can multi-task and study for a philosophy midterm and read news and write webpages at the same time, our country can handle a few things at once, as well.

Also note that, according to Nader, it’s not the threat of terrorism itself that’s depressing the economy, but our war against terrorism. Dammit, if we would just ignore the thugs they’d leave us alone!