October 17, 2002

short-changed on free admission

Tonight Happy Apple swung by UMD and worked a crowd into a frenzy with their avant-guard jazz stylings. I was surprised to see so many people show up, and was even more surprised to see that most of them stayed after realizing that Happy Apple is to jazz as badgers are to water. I totally dig their crazy energy and freestyle tangents, and how just when you think the whole song has plunged into irrecoverable chaos they all break into the head in unison, just before their insides bubble over into a confectionary goo.

Mike Lewis was not wearing his Ground Round shirt. Dave King thought that Frodo should have turned into a bag of Doritos when he put on the One Ring. Dave King also played his drums with children’s toys, and at one time joined Erik Fratzke with a bass and walkie-talkie duet.

During one particularly engrossing song I closed my eyes and actually became the melody. I can’t remember any of how it went, as my brain was scooped out and replaced by music during the experience.

I think I need a bit more sleep. It may be 4:30 in the afternoon in Japan, but it’s 1:30 in the morning here. It’s always weird to think how non-central Central Time really is. When I rule the world I’m gonna make it flat, so when I sleep everyone else sleeps, too.

Isn’t it interesting that the two furthest places in the U.S. (Alaska and Hawaii) have their own timezones, yet are only seperated by one hour? WHOO!